A valid credit or debit card is required to reserve your event. Payment in full is required to hold your reservation once we confirm your date and time. There is a $30 fee for cancellation once payment has been received. There is NO REFUND for cancellation within 14 days. Gamers Garage will do everything possible to reschedule your event.

Inclement Weather

In the case that there is inclement weather in your area on the day of the event Gamers Garage reserves the right to reschedule your event for the safety of your guests, our staff, and equipment. Inclement weather is considered but not limited to: strong winds, flooding, heavy rains, ice, or snow.

Travel Surcharge

Our service area is 50 miles from Chapin, SC. There is no surcharge within 30 miles. There is a fuel surcharge for any additional miles outside of 30 miles from Chapin, SC. Please see service area(link) for additional information.


Gamers Garage nor any of its employees shall be responsible for property damage resulting from a request to position the trailer in a specific location. This includes both above and below ground property and equipment.

Gamers Garage nor any of its employees are liable for injuries sustained on the designated location during the event.

Gamers Garage reserves the right to charge the clients credit card for damages to the trailer or equipment resulting from carelessness or willfulness by any guest. This charge will be agreed upon with both Gamers Garage and client.


Gamers Garage does not allow any food or drinks inside the trailer at any time. Your guests are welcome to eat and drink outside.

Prior to entering the trailer or playing on one of the two outside TVs guests must first sanitize their hands.


Drugs of any type will not be tolerated. Any observed use of illegal drugs will resort in the termination of the event immediately.

Alcohol may be served but must stay outside the trailer. Gamers Garage reserves the right to refuse entry into the trailer for any individual who could damage equipment or injure others.

Supervised Children

Gamers Garage requires a parent or responsible adult to be inside or outside in the general area of the trailer at all times.

Video Game Rating

Our game coach will not play any video games rated “M” without authorization from the client prior to the event.


While your event is in effect our game coach will be taking pictures and videos. These pictures and videos may be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or our website. Any picture or video taken you may receive a copy of if you wish. If you do not want any pictures or videos taken during your event please let the game coach know prior to the start of the event.


We will park in the flattest hardened area possible. Occasionally we park in a neighborhood street because the combo of the truck and trailer are about 60 feet long. Please understand that this may result in a driveway or driveways being blocked. Therefore, we leave the responsible to notify your neighbors prior to the event up to you. Additionally, we will not disconnect the truck from the trailer due to the risk of injury.

Our truck and trailer are well equipped but due to vibration that may damage equipment, we will not drive on unpaved roads. If this is the case to get to your event please let us know beforehand so we may figure out another designated location. In this case, the responsibility of approval for the designated location is on the client prior to the event.